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Goodbye, Treo. Hello, leapfrog adopter.

In June 2004 I acquired the Palm Treo 600, which I’m still using 7.5 years later. The Treo is an early smartphone that combined the features of a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) with a cell phone, basic camera, rudimentary web browser, and the ability to install third-party applications. I’ve loved using my Treo. Even though […]

Restaurants Where You Set Your Own Price recently featured a blog post by Kelly McCartney about pay-what-you-can cafés. The concept is simple but profound: all guests who come through the door are welcome and entitled to enjoy a good, healthy meal, and those who are able to pay what they can afford. Most important, those who can’t pay anything are just […]

Becoming Abundant

How can we create more abundance in our lives, particularly those things that make life richer, and more full and enjoyable? I intend to use this blog as a place to capture what I learn, projects, that I participate in, and solutions that I hear about.